Top 5 side effects of weight gainers you should aware of

Skinny people always have problems with their weight. They want to gain their weight but are unable to find any simple and effective way. Gaining a few kilos of weight is not less than a battle. You have to put your efforts and also have to do workout to put on some weight.

In such a situation, using weight gainers or mass gainers are being considered a right way to a large extent. It contains more calories than your diet, due to which you are able to gain weight. Just you have to take one to two servings of daily and you will get your weight up easily within 15-30 days.

But would this be the right way? Will this not harm your body?

You just think that the weight you were not able to increase by eating more food, it only goes after taking one to two servings per day of weight gainers.

So how is it possible that it will not harm your body?

Many people are increasing their weight by using weight gainers. They did not have any side effects and are happy with results.

But on the other hand, some people have seen the side effect of the weight gainer like stomach issues, skin allergy, etc.

These powders have different results on different individual. May be you will get results with it or not. On the other side, there are some side effects of these supplements.

Side effects of weight gainers

Here are some of the ill-effects of the weight gaining powder:

Liver health

Consuming high calories weight gain supplements can put load on your liver which may affect liver. So, instead of using weight gain powders, it is better to use healthy foods which are high in calories.

Stomach issues

Sometimes, gainers may remain insoluble in the stomach which can create digestion problems. It can cause diarrhea or nausea.

Kidney stones

Kidneys play a major role in digestion. It removes the waste material and toxins from your body. Unhealthy foods can affect kidney functioning. Sometimes, it has been seen that mass gainers may causes kidney stones. Although, it has not proven scientifically. So, don’t use a gainer without any consultation.

Breathing problems

Using a weight gainer incorrectly can result in breathing problems such as coughing, sneezing, etc. So if you already have a breathing problem of any kind, then you should avoid it.

Unhealthy weight gain

Weight gainers can never prove to be good for our body. It contains more calories than necessary which helps in weight gain. If you are not exercising along with taking a weight gainer, then the amount of fat in your body can increase.

How to gain weight in a healthy way?

It is not difficult to gain weight from the Healthy and Natural Way. You just have to add those foods that contain more calories. Along with this, you have to take at least 5 to 4 meals in a day.

It takes a little time to gain weight with natural method but it does not affect your health nor does it harm your digestive system. To gain weight, you can eat foods like oats, nuts, sweet potatoes, milk, peanut butter, etc.


Weight gainers are not a healthy way to gain weight. These kinds of supplements can affect your digestive system.  Also, with these gainers, your body fat will increases as it has excess calories.

You should avoid it and use healthy natural foods to put on some kilos. It may take time to gain healthy weight but it is far much better than weight gainers.


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