7 Best Guest Posting Platforms That Make It Easier To Get Published

In today’s digital world, it has become easier than ever to get your content in front of an audience. With so many content publishing platforms available, it can be challenging for bloggers and authors to choose which one is right for them. Publishing on blogs or websites isn’t as simple as just uploading your article and hitting publish. There are a number of factors you should consider before making the leap from self-publishing to having your articles syndicated by guest posting services. We all want more exposure for our writing but not everyone knows how to find places that will accept guest posts from non-native English speakers. Some sites are willing to have you post, while others won’t even let you sign up for their service. In this blog post, we will share with you 7 best guest posting platforms that make it easier for authors and bloggers to get published:

What is a Guest Post?

Guest blogging is when a blogger or author accepts an article from another website and then publishes it on their own site. Even though the original author retains all rights to the article, many publishers will still accept a link from someone other than the website where the content originated. This is a great way to build backlinks and improve your SEO, while also getting your name out there and building your reputation as a writer and business owner.

How to Get Published on a Guest Post Site

First, you’ll want to find the right guest posting site for you. When you start looking for guest posting opportunities, be sure to search for blogs that accept non-native English speakers. You want to find a site that does not require writers to have a writing degree or be published on a particular online outlet. You can also look for sites that focus on topics that relate to your niche or offer news about topics relevant to your readers.

Which Sites Accept Guest Posts?

There are many ways to find a suitable guest posting site, including using Google search, forums, and Reddit. If you’re looking for a more specific type of guest posting opportunity, try searching for specific topics like SEO, travel, food, parenting, or health. When you find a suitable guest posting site, you will then want to sign up for their guest posting service. When you sign up, you’ll need to provide some information including the name of your blog, your blog’s URL, the type of article you would like to post (briefly explain the topic), and how often you would like to post. From there, you’ll be provided with an account and be able to create your first post.

Why Is Guest Posting Important?

Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure for your writing. If you write about a topic that readers find interesting, you can potentially syndicate your posts to many different sites. You can also use guest posting to build backlinks to your site, which will increase your search engine ranking. Another great reason to guest post is that it allows you to expand your brand recognition. By posting on other websites, you can show your readers that you are a professional author with a variety of interests and make new connections with other potential clients.

Benefits of Guest Posting

– Increased Exposure – This is one of the most obvious reasons to guest blog. Not only will subscribers to your blog see your work, but they will also be exposed to your other posts if they are hosted on another website. – Backlinks – Linkbacks are what Google uses to determine the reliability of a website. If your guest post on another website has a linkback to your own site, your site will receive an extra boost in its search engine ranking. – Brand Recognition – This is especially true for brands that are looking to promote their goods or services to a certain niche. If you are from a particular industry and are able to post articles related to your niche, you can demonstrate that you have a wide range of interests and are not just a one-trick pony.

Tips for Getting Published on a Guest Post Site

– Tailor Your Article – While there are guest posting services that focus on general topics, most of them are interested in articles related to the topics they cover. To stand out, you’ll want to write articles that focus on the topics of the host site. – Share the Love – When you post a guest blog on another website, it is important that you do not try to steal the thunder from the original author. You want to be respectful of the host site and make it clear that this is a guest post. – Be Consistent – Finally, you’ll want to remember that guest blogging is about building links for your own site. You’ll want to make sure that you are posting regularly, and that your posts are tailormade.


Guest blogging is an effective way to get your content in front of an audience and gain exposure for your writing. To be successful at guest blogging, you’ll need to find the right host site for your content, tailor your articles to fit the topic, and share the love by not plagiarizing or taking more than your fair share of the credit. With the right guest blogging platform, you can publish your articles in minutes, while also gaining backlinks to your site.

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